by Adam Patrick Murray

It's been a bit since my last update and I wanted to post about some of the awesome things I've been working on at We just got done with a crazy travel schedule, we were in Vegas for CES, then LA for DEW, 2 weeks later in Barcelona for MWC, and finally at SXSW in Austin. On top of all the event coverage we've been doing working on some great stuff at home base including kicking off the PCWorld Show, a couple of short docs, and bringing back Hardcore Hardware! Here are some awesome videos I've worked on recently:

Another move! by Adam Patrick Murray

2015 has been shaping up to be a pretty crazy year for me, with even more changes than 2014.

After parting ways with theCHIVE due to creative differences (video here: I began a long process of finding a position and company that would be a better fit. I got hired on at theCHIVE as the In-House Photographer under the assumption that they wanted to take their photography in a more professional direction. This meant not only the photos taken but also how they handled the whole production, from inception to final delivery. And while I am proud of what I was able to do during my time there, it quickly became apparent that they had a vision that did not align with my values. I worked with some great people and learned a lot from that experience but I was forced to move on.

So I began my journey to find a new job. And after 3 months of making connections, applying for many photography and video production positions, and broadening my search to include companies outside of Austin, I have joined an amazing company called IDG. IDG is a massive company with a long legacy but most people will know the consumer facing properties that include Macworld and PCWorld. I am officially a Video Director for but of course I am involved in plenty of other things there, including photography. Moving to San Francisco has been a huge change (especially after being in Austin for only 6 months) but I couldn't be more happy to work with such an amazing team and it feels great to be creating awesome video content! You can check out all the work we do at

And on a personal note, I recently asked Lindsay Tatertot to be my wife! She said yes :)

A behind the scenes shot of me filming for and

Lindsay Tatertot during the trip where I asked her to marry me

Macro shot of the Frederique Constant Smartwatch for

Amamak Feature by Adam Patrick Murray

Someone recently asked me who my influences were as a photographer, so I thought it would be nice to feature some of them from time to time. My first such feature is of Canadian photographer Michelle Karpman, half of a photographer/model duo called Amamak Photography. Some of her best work is shot with a medium format camera, the Kiev 88 (a camera I would love to pick up), but it was her Polaroid work which led me to them, most of which is taken on a Polaroid 600SE, the same camera I've been using for a while now. Soft lighting, creative double exposures, and on point framing are just some of the things I admire about her photos.

She has been a huge influence in my recent Polaroid work and I am happy to share her work on my page! You can find more of their awesome photos at

Model: Aviva Artzy
Photographer: Michelle Karpman

Website redesign by Adam Patrick Murray

I recently launched a redesign of my website! It's still built on Squarespace but I wanted to update the layout and add more options for photo galleries. Now there is a drop down when you hover on the stills link which can take you to galleries based off of the various styles of my photography work. I also made the social media links a bit more prevalent since they are the best way to keep up with my day to day activities.

Also, after some serious thought, I decided to remove the Audio section from the site. Even though Audio Engineering and Design is my background and what I went to school for I just don't do enough work to highlight it here. I would much rather have people explore my stills and motion work since those are what I'm more known for.

That said, I am super excited about the new look and I will continue to refine it over the next few weeks so stay tuned!

New job in Austin by Adam Patrick Murray

I am super excited to announce that I got hired on as the In-House Photographer for Resignation Media, the parent company of such awesome sites like,, and!

On the public facing side I will primarily be photographing products that we sell, attractive women for featured articles, documenting meet ups around the world, and cataloging all the crazy stuff that happens around the office. Behind the scenes I am coordinating the studio schedule, managing assets, acquiring models, and refining production workflows (to name a few).

I feel so lucky to have the opportunity to work for such an awesome company here in Austin and I can't wait to see where it takes me!

Poke'Penthouse by Adam Patrick Murray

The beautiful and famous cosplayer Jessica Nigri ( and I have been working on a series titled Poke'Penthouse, where she cosplays as a number of Pokemon with her own unique and sexy spin on them. We have done a number of them so far and have many more to come, and plan to have it culminate in something special!

Keep an eye on for more photos!





Adam Patrick Murray's 2013 Recap by Adam Patrick Murray

2013 Was an amazing year for me!

Not only did I grow as a photographer by really focusing on my studio work during the hot Arizona summer months, I also had the opportunity to attend many amazing conventions like E3, PAX Prime, and Anime Expo for companies like LT3, Nexon, and Sentai Filmworks.

I also contributed many tutorial videos to my YouTube channel at, opened a successful Storenvy store selling unique Polaroids of all the amazing models I work with at, and my Facebook page continued to grow because of all my amazing fans at

I have some amazing stuff in the works for 2014 that will take my career to an even higher level, I can't wait to continue on my journey!

Equipment drive on Storenvy! by Adam Patrick Murray

I am super excited to announce that I am having an equipment drive sale at my new storenvy: starting this Friday for 4 weekends in a row!

Every weekend will feature unique content featuring high quality 11x17 prints, custom signed polaroids, and more of all your favorite people including (but not limited to) Amie Lynn, Lindsay Elyse, Jessica Nigri, and Angelica Dawn!!

I can't wait to show you everything I will have available so stay tuned to have the store launch this Friday the 20th at 9am PST!

Each weekend will have brand new content and the content from the previous weekend will not be available the following weekends so grab stuff while you can! 

Here is a video further explaining the how and why of my equipment drive:


And here are few images of whats going to available! (click to enlarge)


San Diego Comic Con 2013 Wrap up by Adam Patrick Murray

Hi all! 
This was my first SDCC and it was a pretty amazing experience! I got to work with so many people on so many projects, and it was such a whirlwind experience I can't even begin to describe.

First off, I'll share some of the video projects I was a part of.
- I was a guest cinematographer for the RT Weekly Recap show for   Rooster Teeth. The video will be up on their YouTube channel soon!
- I did some guest cinematography work with the glorious Raychul Moore for her SDCC wrap up video, which you can watch here.
- I filmed and edited a video for Lindsay Elyse and her adventures on the show floor that you can watch here.
- And I filmed and edited a behind the scenes video with Angelica Dawn on the Jack Daw, a pirate ship set up outside for Assassins Creed 4 and it was awesome! You can check it out here.

Next up I want to share some picture highlights with some amazing people! (click to enlarge)

Lindsay Tatertot at the beach!

Meagan Marie in Helmet Girls

Anna Von Winter and Thomas Boyer as Assassins Creed pirates

Yaya Han as Phoenix

Precious Cosplay as Poison Ivy

Raychul Moore as Kasumi

Aurora O'Brien on the trip home

And there you have it! There was a ton more that went on and a boatload of more pictures but it doesn't fit all in one post so just head over to my fan page to catch up on all the happenings!