Website redesign / by Adam Patrick Murray

I recently launched a redesign of my website! It's still built on Squarespace but I wanted to update the layout and add more options for photo galleries. Now there is a drop down when you hover on the stills link which can take you to galleries based off of the various styles of my photography work. I also made the social media links a bit more prevalent since they are the best way to keep up with my day to day activities.

Also, after some serious thought, I decided to remove the Audio section from the site. Even though Audio Engineering and Design is my background and what I went to school for I just don't do enough work to highlight it here. I would much rather have people explore my stills and motion work since those are what I'm more known for.

That said, I am super excited about the new look and I will continue to refine it over the next few weeks so stay tuned!