Amamak Feature / by Adam Patrick Murray

Someone recently asked me who my influences were as a photographer, so I thought it would be nice to feature some of them from time to time. My first such feature is of Canadian photographer Michelle Karpman, half of a photographer/model duo called Amamak Photography. Some of her best work is shot with a medium format camera, the Kiev 88 (a camera I would love to pick up), but it was her Polaroid work which led me to them, most of which is taken on a Polaroid 600SE, the same camera I've been using for a while now. Soft lighting, creative double exposures, and on point framing are just some of the things I admire about her photos.

She has been a huge influence in my recent Polaroid work and I am happy to share her work on my page! You can find more of their awesome photos at

Model: Aviva Artzy
Photographer: Michelle Karpman