Another move! / by Adam Patrick Murray

2015 has been shaping up to be a pretty crazy year for me, with even more changes than 2014.

After parting ways with theCHIVE due to creative differences (video here: I began a long process of finding a position and company that would be a better fit. I got hired on at theCHIVE as the In-House Photographer under the assumption that they wanted to take their photography in a more professional direction. This meant not only the photos taken but also how they handled the whole production, from inception to final delivery. And while I am proud of what I was able to do during my time there, it quickly became apparent that they had a vision that did not align with my values. I worked with some great people and learned a lot from that experience but I was forced to move on.

So I began my journey to find a new job. And after 3 months of making connections, applying for many photography and video production positions, and broadening my search to include companies outside of Austin, I have joined an amazing company called IDG. IDG is a massive company with a long legacy but most people will know the consumer facing properties that include Macworld and PCWorld. I am officially a Video Director for but of course I am involved in plenty of other things there, including photography. Moving to San Francisco has been a huge change (especially after being in Austin for only 6 months) but I couldn't be more happy to work with such an amazing team and it feels great to be creating awesome video content! You can check out all the work we do at

And on a personal note, I recently asked Lindsay Tatertot to be my wife! She said yes :)

A behind the scenes shot of me filming for and

Lindsay Tatertot during the trip where I asked her to marry me

Macro shot of the Frederique Constant Smartwatch for