San Diego Comic Con 2013 Wrap up / by Adam Patrick Murray

Hi all! 
This was my first SDCC and it was a pretty amazing experience! I got to work with so many people on so many projects, and it was such a whirlwind experience I can't even begin to describe.

First off, I'll share some of the video projects I was a part of.
- I was a guest cinematographer for the RT Weekly Recap show for   Rooster Teeth. The video will be up on their YouTube channel soon!
- I did some guest cinematography work with the glorious Raychul Moore for her SDCC wrap up video, which you can watch here.
- I filmed and edited a video for Lindsay Elyse and her adventures on the show floor that you can watch here.
- And I filmed and edited a behind the scenes video with Angelica Dawn on the Jack Daw, a pirate ship set up outside for Assassins Creed 4 and it was awesome! You can check it out here.

Next up I want to share some picture highlights with some amazing people! (click to enlarge)

Meagan Marie in Helmet Girls

Anna Von Winter and Thomas Boyer as Assassins Creed pirates

Yaya Han as Phoenix

Precious Cosplay as Poison Ivy

Raychul Moore as Kasumi

Aurora O'Brien on the trip home

And there you have it! There was a ton more that went on and a boatload of more pictures but it doesn't fit all in one post so just head over to my fan page to catch up on all the happenings!